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Lobbying activities at the EU level need to be made more transparent. An estimated 3000 lobbying entities have an office in Brussels and target European institutions to influence legislation, so it is crucial for transparent EU decision-making that their goals and methods are made clear.


A mandatory joint register for the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council of Ministers, in which every EU lobbyist has to register, is the best means to prevent undue influence and to strengthen EU citizens’ trust in European institutions.

TI EU Public Statements:

  • 18 February 2014: A long way to go for effective lobby regulation. Read more.
  • 16 October 2012: Statement on Commissioner Dalli’s resignation. Read more.
  • 10 May 2011: Transparency International welcomes joint European Parliament and Commission lobby register.  Read more.
  • 17 February 2009: TI urges introduction of mandatory EU lobbying register.  Read more.
  • 23 June 2008: The new Commission lobbyists register:  A first step towards EU lobbying transparency?  Read more.
  • 7 May 2008: TI urges adoption of robust EU lobbyist register. Read more.

Written contributions to EC Consultations:

  • December 2013: Letter sent to Commissioner Sefcovic on the EU Transparency Register review. Read More.
  • October 2012:  TI submits recommendations on the review of European Commission ‘Expert Groups’.  Read more.
  • September 2012:  TI submits recommendations on the the Annual Report on the Operation of the Transparency Register.  Read more.
  • August 2012: TI submission to stakeholder questionnaire on the EU Transparency Register. Read more.
  • June 2009: TI recommends EU to make use of its discretionary power to urge lobbyists to register.  Read more.
  • February 2008: TI recommends for an extensive revision to the proposed EC Code of Conduct for Interest Representatives’, particularly in regard to a missing enforcement mechanism of the code.  Read more.

Blogs posts specific to the campaign:


Catch 22: How can we make Council negotiations on fishing quotas more transparent?

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The Politics of Overfishing Fish are a renewable resource: if well managed they can provide sustainable benefits to society in the form of food, revenue and jobs. However, around half of assessed EU stocks in the Atlantic and more than 90% …

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What the EU can learn from lobby regulation around the world

EU Lobbying -

The following statement was made by Daniel Freund from Transparency International EU at a joint European Parliament and European Commission event held on 2 May 2016 on EU Lobbying Transparency. Good afternoon everyone, First I would like to thank the …

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Who are the experts?

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The term “expert group” evokes images of scientists in white coats with test tubes explaining complex equations to politicians in suits. The reality is quite different. Expert groups are a mix of industry lobbyists, NGOs, trade unions and other practitioners …

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  • EU Lobbying
  • news:

    • 16 October 2012: European Commission announces resignation of EU Commissioner Dalli


    • 15 April 2015: Lifting the Lid on Lobbying: What’s the real influence of lobbyists? – Launch of Transparency International’s pan European Report on Lobbying, European Parliament, Paul-Henri-Spaak building, venue: PHS 7C50, 16:30h-18:30h. See programme here and our Regional Report on “Lobbying in Europe – Hidden Influence, Privileged Access
    • October 2013: European Commission/European Parliament hearing of stakeholders on the review of the EU Transparency Register
    • December 2011: Hearing at the European Parliament: Shedding Light on Backroom Deals – Towards Transparency & Balanced Composition of the Commission’s Expert Groups.  Read More.
    • June 2009: European Commission reviews current register for interest representatives.
    • April 2009: Inter-institutional working group presented common website that links Commission and Parliament register.  Read more.


    The TI-movement is currently implementing an EU-wide project on lobbying.

    Find detailed information on EU member states here:

    • 8 Feb. 2015: 39 loopholes in the UK’s lobbying regulations: see press release and full report
    • 16 Dec. 2014: opaque relations between politics and business undermine public trust in institutions and democracy in Bulgaria: press release
    • 4 Dec. 2014: Lobby practice in Cyprus: Favouritism and political connections undermine democracy: see press release.
    • 3 Dec. 2014: Launch of TI-Austria’s (see full report here) and TI-Czech Republic’s report on lobbying
    • 2 Dec. 2014: Serious loopholes in Slovenia’s lobbying laws: see press release and full report.
    • 24 Nov. 2014: Lobbying in Ireland and the risks of abuse in government policy making, see press release
    • 13 Nov. 2014: Corporate interest and Portugal’s secret influence market: press release and full report
    • 4 Nov. 2014: Lobbying in Italy: Opaque and inaccessible, see press release and full report.
    • 3 Nov. 2014: Insufficient transparency in Estonia’s public decision-making process and lobbying: press release and full report.
    • 28 Oct. 2014: Lobbying? Nothing to see in Hungary! – Lobbying is not a success story in Hungary: press release and full report.
    • 21 Oct. 2014: French institutions perform weakly when it comes to lobby regulation: press release and full report here.
    • 13 Oct. 2014: Major deficits in German lobby regulations: press release
    • 24 Sept. 2014: Lobbying in Spain: full report

    Upcoming launches:

    • 11/12 Feb 2015: Lobbying in Latvia
    • Feb 2015: Regional report launch on lobbying in the EU and EU Policy Paper on the Legislative Footprint
    • Feb/March 2015: Lobbying in the Netherlands, Poland and Slovakia

    reference documents:


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