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Over the years, Transparency International has conducted many studies in European states on how their legal and political systems address corruption risks and integrity gaps. However, while these studies revealed much about potential risks in individual states, they only hinted at such possible weak points for the European Union institutions.


In 2013 and 2014, the Transparency International EU Office has been conducting a study of the EU’s integrity system. This project looks at corruption risks in 10 EU institutions, examining the rules and practices designed to prevent corruption occurring internally in these institutions, as well as how each institution is fostering public sector integrity, and also contributing to the wider fight against corruption in Europe. In April 2014, the first EU Integrity System Report was published.

EU Integrity System

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TI EU Public Statements:

  • 6 June 2014: Transparency International welcomes EU Council response to Commission anti-corruption report. Read here.
  • 24 April 2014: The EU must become more transparent if it is to revive its fortunes. Read here.
  • 24 April 2014: First EU Integrity report highlights risks of corruption in European institutions. Read here.

Blogs posts specific to the campaign:


Catch 22: How can we make Council negotiations on fishing quotas more transparent?

EU Lobbying -

The Politics of Overfishing Fish are a renewable resource: if well managed they can provide sustainable benefits to society in the form of food, revenue and jobs. However, around half of assessed EU stocks in the Atlantic and more than 90% …

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What the EU can learn from lobby regulation around the world

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The following statement was made by Daniel Freund from Transparency International EU at a joint European Parliament and European Commission event held on 2 May 2016 on EU Lobbying Transparency. Good afternoon everyone, First I would like to thank the …

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Casting the net: How can we increase the transparency of Council decision-making

EU Integrity System -

Transparency International EU has just launched a new project* looking at the transparency and accountability of decision-making in the Council of Ministers. To do that we will be taking the case study of the upcoming negotiations on fishing quotas for 2017. …

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    reference documents:

    • 2014: Transparency International position on the Commission proposal for revision of the EU’s rules on debarment. Read here.
    • 2014: Transparency International recommendations on the Commission proposal to establish a Controller of OLAF Procedural Guarantees. Read here.
    • 2014: Transparency International EU Office submission to the EU Ombudsman public consultation on balanced Commission expert groups. Read here.
    • 2014: Transparency International EU Office submission to the public consultation on the EIB’s transparency policy. Read here.
    • 2014: Transparency International EU Office submission to the public consultation on the European Commission’s guidelines for stakeholder consultations. Read here.
    • 2014: Transparency International EU Office submission to EU Ombudsman consultation on draft internal whistleblowing rules.  Read here.
    • 2014: The European Union Integrity System Report. Read here.
    • 2014: The EU Integrity System by numbers. See here.

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