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Press Release: Transparency International calls on the European Parliament to open the books on member expenses

Transparency International calls on the European Parliament to release documents detailing how its members (MEPs) spend monthly expense allowances funded by the European taxpayer. Journalists from every EU country have brought a case against the European Parliament to the European …

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Advocating the EU Council: A Civil Society Guide

It’s not a secret that despite its crucial role in the EU legislative process, the Council of the European Union remains the least transparent of the three main legislative institutions. A complex system consisting of multiple levels, from the Secretariat …

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What do we really know about them?

On the first anniversary of the LuxLeaks scandal, Transparency International EU launches its new animated video on corporate tax transparency “What do we know about them?” as part of its campaign in favour of EU legislation on country-by-country reporting (CBCR). …

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