A wine case full of cash in Bohemia and the need for Integrity Pacts

Three years ago Czech politician David Rath was caught red handed with seven million crowns (around 260,000 euros) of stolen cash stuffed in a wine box. After a lengthy trial the former health minister and governor of Central Bohemia was …

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Country-by-country reporting: first step in achieving transparency

On 8 July, the European Parliament voted in favour of measures to increase the transparency of the finances of multinational corporations, requiring EU-based multinational companies (MNCs) to reveal details of tax payments to governments around the world. The measures were …

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Expanding a Brainstorming and Research Tool for Transparency Advocates

Over the past months, I’ve been working with the Transparency and Accountability Initiative on updating and expanding the Open Government Guide, and it’s been a real eye opener in terms of the immense number of ways to make governments more …

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