Changes to the EIB’s transparency rules are a step backwards
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EIB transparency must move forward not back

As the hearings for nominee European Commissioners continue this week, it’s time for Jyrki Katainen, former Prime Minister of Finland, to be put in the hot seat by the European Parliament.  Provided the Parliament give their green light, Mr Katainen …

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Jean-Claude Juncker and Alenka Bratušek
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Outgoing Prime Minister nominates herself for European Commissioner

The Slovenian Commission for the prevention of corruption (CPC) has started an investigation on possible conflicts of interest of outgoing Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek in the procedure for naming Slovenia’s candidates for European Commissioner. The candidacy and confirmation of the …

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The state of transparency in the Council of the EU

This week the Council of the EU adopted new rules on the financing of European political parties and new transparency rules on the non-financial reporting of big companies. We had evaluated the progress on these two directives, inter alia, in …

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Pledge teaser

European Parliament Elections 2014: The Anti-Corruption Pledge

To view an updated list of the Anti-Corruption Pledge’s signatories please click here. The Transparency International EU Office, together with many of our national chapters around the EU, has been inviting MEPs elections to sign our Anti-Corruption Pledge 2014 - and …

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Jean-Claude Juncker and Miguel Arias Cañete
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Ethics and the European Commission: will Juncker practise what he preaches?

The Commission needs a reformed ethics regime to manage conflicts of interest In his so-called ‘mission letters’ to nominee European Commissioners, Jean-Claude Juncker stresses the principles of ethics and transparency as central to the functioning of the institution.  Under his …

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Public account of the Supervisors for the construction of the Parthenon

A tale of two Presidencies

Last week, together with our colleagues from Transparency International Greece we presented our Scorecard for the Greek Presidency in Athens. Now seems like a good time to assess how this Presidency compares to its predecessor: Lithuania spent €62 million for …

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Assessment of the transparency and anti-corruption efforts of the Greek Presidency

How much did the Greek Presidency of the EU do to fight corruption? Transparency International finds that while Greece gave the issue a high profile over a six month period, there was a collective failure on the part of national …

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The revolving door keeps on spinning: it’s time for ex-MEPs to cool off!

The recent furore over the former chair of the European Parliament Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON), Sharon Bowles, taking up a position as a non-executive director at the London Stock Exchange is yet another example of the revolving door …

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Money 2

How much does an MEP make?

The 3rd of July was the deadline for members of the European Parliament to submit their declarations of financial interest. By the end of the first plenary all MEPs, old or new, had to submit a range of information on …

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Juncker’s plans for lobbying Transparency: meaningful or meaningless?

Laying out his objectives as European Commission President for the next 5 year term, Jean-Claude Juncker has indicated he might be ready to take the Transparency bull by the horns. Outlining his agenda for ‘democratic change’, Mr Juncker has committed …

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Transparency International applauds Ombudsman inquiry into EU whistleblower rules

Transparency International EU welcomes the inquiry launched by the European Ombudsman today into  the level of protection for whistleblowers in EU institutions. Noting that effective whistleblowing policies can help reduceopportunities for corruption, Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly has asked nine EU institutions, including …

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Time for the Italian Presidency to tackle corruption and rejuvenate Europe

As Matteo Renzi delivered a passionate speech to the European Parliament on June 2 to mark the occasion of Italy’s accession to the Presidency of the EU there was just for once a hint of glamour and a certain “Yes …

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EU Commission President: Jobseekers’ allowance

Securing the job of official candidate for President of the European Commission is a tough gig: that much we’ve learned from the last few weeks of horse-trading, finally culminating in today’s vote by the European Parliament on Jean-Claude Juncker’s appointment. …

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