PRESS RELEASE: New EU lobbying rules are timid and cosmetic

Brussels, 28 September 2016 “Timid, cosmetic changes” – Transparency International EU’s verdict on proposed new EU lobbying rules Today, the European Commission published its proposal to revise the EU Transparency Register to make the register mandatory and extend it to …

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Overfishing in the darkness – transparency in the EU Council

Around half of EU fish stocks in the Atlantic are currently over-exploited. Unsustainable fishing costs costs millions of euros in lost revenue and jobs and causes enormous ecological damage. The Council of the EU is responsible for setting fishing limits …

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Bahamas Leaks: What Neelie did next…

Another day, another leak. Another kick to the rotting, crumbling edifice of the offshore world. BahamaLeaks, the latest scoop from the ICIJ, may not have the global repercussions of its big brother, the Panama Papers, but it does herald some …

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