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We have an EU anti-corruption report: so now what?

Finally, after several months of delays and a few modifications, the European Commission’s EU anti-corruption report is with us. Was it worth the wait? Well, there’s a hell of a lot of material here – approximately 350 pages on anti-corruption …

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EU Anti-Corruption Report update: will anyone be satisfied?

At last week’s anti-corruption conference here in Brussels to mark today’s International Anti-Corruption Day 2013, the European  Commission gave a quite comprehensive update on the upcoming first EU Anti-Corruption Report. The Report – which has been postponed ever since June this year – is …

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The EU Expert Group on Corruption: Preparations for the 1st EU Anti-Corruption Report

In 2011, the European Commission decided to launch the first EU Anti-Corruption report looking into corruption issues within 27 EU member states, plus Croatia. In order to gather outside expertise, the Commission set up a special Expert Group on Corruption. The Commission published …

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The EU’s First Anti-Corruption Report: Will Good Intentions Yield Action?

The EU estimates that corruption costs €120 billion in its Member States every year, according to a recent speech from Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmström.  That’s a mere financial estimate, before we consider its corrosive effects on popular attitudes towards …

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